" Think that what can an illiterate vegetable vendor does??? Answer is…Yes. He can also earn Rs.100000/week. It has become true for me.Before two years I was a vegetable vendor who visited only 9 days to school. My life was miserable as my daily income was Rs.100-200. By God’s grace I came in contact with laxmipati business groups in January 2014 and my life is changed totally. None can believe that my total income is Rs.40 lacs within last two years. "

Arjunbhai Bagulbhai Patel (Diamond)

" It’s a God’s grace that we are helpful (directly or indirectly) to thousands of Indians to change and sublime their lives. But our goal is to create thousands of Diamonds. Our aim is to develop simple, speedy and strengthen system which can help anybody to achieve and maintain ceiling income maximum within one year. Moreover our wish is to sit in the first row of top most Direct selling champions in India and in the world gradually. For our present and future success we are cordially thankful to our great uplines, Gujarat Lion Mr. Raghuvir Sir, powerful experienced leader Mr. Kirti Doshi sir and superb supportive Unibiz founder Mr. Manoj Mishra Sir. We never forget our honest, modest, gentle, genuine and great personality most respectable A. D. Pruthviraj sir. Worldwide UNIBIZ long lasting UNIBIZ!!!"

Laxmipati Business Group (Diamond)

" Myself Manoj Mishra , Executive Director of the Unibiz. B. Pharmacy graduate with experience of 6 years in Pharmaceutical Industry. I was working as a Product Manager with a reputed Pharma company. I took Unibiz as my life time carrier and now more than 35000 entrepreneurs are associated with me in UNIBIZ. It gives me an immense pleasure that now more than 250 Lakhpaties are there with me but my vision is to create 4000 Crorepaties by 2020 with UNIBIZ. When I think of Unibiz future, I foresee a bright future in which Unibiz emerges as the Global Leader in Direct Selling Industry not just in India or Asia but in the whole world. Further I firmly believe that Unibiz will help to solve the current unemployement in INDIA. I convey my heartfelt gratitude to our beloved Unibiz management for their vision and leadership. I wish the entire Unibiz family and every future Unizen the very best and great success. Jai UNIBIZ. Dont Wait for opportunity, have a vision to see it. you will definitely find it because opportunity will not wait for you...... GRAB IT. JAI UNIBIZ..... "

Manoj Mishra (Royal Diamond)

" I almost have 10 years of experience in the Direct Marketing and I am one of the founder Distributor of UNIBIZ, for those who is really interested in making financially sound ant want earlier financial freedom. They can start UNIBIZ.I always believe that “WITHOUT ACTION NOTHING IS POSSIBLE.” If anyone is ready to put up effort sincerely for 3 to 5 years, whether part time of full time.I can assure you that ,you will be a winner in UNIBIZ. I sincerely wishes our company to be the No.1 Direct Marketing in INDIA in the coming years.All the best for every UNIZENS. GREAT INDIA GREAT UNIBIZ"

Ganapathy - K S (Ruby)

" I was working as a shopkeeper for 10 years.. i had lot of big dreams but had no way to fulfill them.. One fine day a customer came n showed me the opportunity of unibiz.. first i was not ready then just that i donot loose a good costumer i said yes to him.. then just to keep him maintained as my customer i just tried studying the concept of unibiz & then i truly understood the power of this bussiness.. i starting working towards this concept n today i live a luxurious life with all my dreams fulfilled which i use to dream when i was shop keeper.. now i have awesome life style, Time-freedom, foreign tours n a good bank balance... So my message to you all is same as Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani sir said "No one become a rich by working with own 2 hands.. he can if many hands will work for him & UNIBIZ is excellent opportunity in which you can built up your team , increase your manpower & learn in millions.. "

Lalit Oswal (Diamond)

" Before two years I was a debtor of Rs.8 lacs as I failed in atleast different 10 financial activities. I was confused,frustrated and disappointed.But it has come true to me that, “ FAILURES ARE THE PILLARS OF SUCCESS ”. In January 2014 the hope of bright life came In existence and unibiz slected me to gift me dream life. My total income through unibiz is Rs.32 lacs. Also I have Volkswagen car,two foreign trips and more than Rs.3 lacs monthly income.It is the fruit of god’s grace and laxmipati business group’s marvellous support.Heartly thanks to hon. MD. sir."

Amrutbhai Vitthalbhai Chaudhari (Ruby)

" I was in the business of HDP/LDP granules supply where I invested more than Rs.60 lacs but profit was not as expected.Unibiz gave me more than Rs.50 lacs within 3 years.Really,it is a radical change.Unibiz is a real e-commerce business of modern era.As a founder entrepreneur of GUJARAT I am ready to perform my role till minimum 2000 diamonds. I am glad to declare that LAXMIPATI BUSINESS GROUPS is in my team.Also, I never forget my honorable uplines KIRTI SIR AND MANOJ MISHRA SIR.Thousands of hats off to gentle, genuine,great personality most respected A.D.PRITHVIRAJ SIR. POWERFUL UNIBIZ!!! WONDERFUL UNIBIZ!!! "

Raghuvir Niolia (Diamond)

" My Self Surekhaben Patel, living in village of Khergam. I was working selling vegetables with my husband and earning Rs 200/- per day. My dreams were big, but the situation had not to be completed.I Lived in a small house. We did not have the enough money of replacement Tyre for bike. But I am talking about the change in my life. I began to work Unibiz, We got so much corporation our leader Bhailasir in field. life has changed Working in Unibiz today to 34 months and Full time working with my husband and by adopting as his career Unibiz,.Today we have Across the room of a small house in a bungalow ( 1 Crore ) and a car ( 12.5 lacs ).Unibiz that change our life. Target coming days to make 100 millionaires from the team of people working with us. Thank You Unibiz & Thank You M D Sir. "

Surekhaben Patel (Diamond)

" My self Minal Patel, working as Gov.Teacher is primary section,living of Vyara. Being married woman its been challenging to balance social life with a 5 years child and managing a job also. but was desperately wantily to do some extra to earn more and give a good life to my family.thanks to Direct selling with Unibiz Multi-Trade P.Ltd.who multiply my every time,confidence,income identify within last 2 years.Before 2 years I was trageetry with my Louse IMI, high school fees of child,life style expenditure ,inferiority as an ordinary teacher but today life had been tranformed with brand new car,twice international tour and many domestic tour,money freedom,better life style and new identify as growing Lady networker. That all due to direct selling platform."

Minal Patel (Gold)

" My name is Sita Vasave,20 years old,studied 10th loving in remote village of Tribal belt,Maharashtra. Due to Social circumstances divorced just after married.So living with my Parents and was doing tailoring work just for own survival. but the little income was not enough to fight with my basic needs. even just before few month i came accross entrepreneurship development programme Unibiz Multi Trade P.Ltd.which provide me opportunity to explore national & International batter income,better life style and batter social image. It has enlarged my Confidence,soft skills and image from ordinary tribal women to independent empowered women of this modern world."

Sita Vasave (Silver)

" My Self Sumita Gamit. I am 22 years Old, Bcom studying from M S University Baroda.even if having good education,knocking every door to get good job to take out my Parents from the depth of my Study expenditure for last few years. Finally Time & Situation compailed me to work as assistant at Food Outlet shape just for Survival Purpose. That hopeless situation are really blessesd with the Opprtunity of Direct Selling. Only Survival was even quiet tough with my earlier ordinory job but today its matter of proud that financial support to my Family,quality of life,international tour,brand new car and the identity of an independent business women is quit easy to me with the platform provided by Direct Selling Industry Unibiz Multi-Trade P.Ltd. "

Sumita Gamit

" I m nalini solanki representing as IBO working under Unibiz multitrade pvt ltd. Presently i have reached at gold level n leading team of 1700. Earlier i was a house wife. I was very shy. I want to do some thing to my family. Also i have big dreams. I do not want to live compromise life. I want to give everything to my Chindren. And unibiz comes in my life. I started this business for security point. I did not know about nm. Slowly i took knowledge about it. When small achievement i did my confidence level become high. I can speak in front of crowd. I get identity. My thinking level change. Positive attitude built on my life. Nothing is impossible in life. I cam fulfill all my dreams. I have satisfaction that i m not only changing my life but also my distributors. Direct selling is that concept that everyone can do this n change their life. Great India great Unibiz."

Nalini Solanki (Gold)